A larger container is necessary

I woke up to the sound of a garbage truck lifting cans, one after the other, plastic scraping concrete and gears grinding and diesel burning and turning into acrid smoke. The truck drove up with today and away with yesterday.

Glass Resting in Silver

Your Burberry coat hangs in the closet

The scarf wrapped around the collar

To protect your graceful neck from the London cold.

I like to think you bought that coat

In London

Because I know you would love the antiques there.

It’s so small, that coat.

You were small yet so larger than

Life. So much life. 

There are many reminders of you

In my house. Archaeological relics

From trips to Goodwill, the price tags

Still stuck to the bottoms of the teacups

And boxes of silly toys that I can’t bear

To throw away. I’m sorry

We took so long to come back

To be closer to you

To spend holidays and birthdays and weekly visits.

I’m sorry

They can only be memories now. 

Like the time you bought the Burberry coat

On a cold day in London

While you searched for that perfect teacup.


an epigraph for a greater work


are promises that we never deliver

Except the bad ones

          Which serve only to remind us

                       That our greatest fears

                                    Are the only things we get to keep

When we wake up.


Take what is created and make it your own

Try to remove an indelible mark

Burned by passion and commitment

The stain of focus

The pain of sacrifice

These are the things that

Write history

And no one forgets.

my color

Your love was a penny

Mine was a dime

And when I tried to make you smile

You looked away

For a while I would wonder

If there was something I could do

Something I could say

Touch you once or twice

Say that right thing

Only the wrong things

You always said you could see

But you never saw

So when it all found its way

I realized

My favorite color is gray.