An author’s thought

I was lying in bed earlier this evening, having plopped down on it to play with my dog (I like to hide a biscuit in my hand and make him search for it), waiting for my wife to get home from work, and I had a most disturbing thought. What would it be like for […]

Notes for a Poem about the Stars

The stars were blurry when I looked at them without my glasses. I couldn’t see them but I knew they were there. The stars lit up the sky and gave direction. They were bright and dim and full of color and black holes. I looked at birth, brilliance, death, and memories. Summer stars and winter […]


I wish to show some thanks to the writer Just for bailing me out of such a incident. After searching throughout the world And meeting proposals which were not powerful, I assumed my entire life was done. Living Without the answers to the issues you have Sorted out as a result of the website is […]

The thing in my way

One time I came across something rather interesting, shaped like a rock but not a rock at all, perhaps more of a boulder. I’m not quite sure. But I discovered it as if it hadn’t been discovered before. It was just sitting there all large and immoveable. I looked down at the ground and there […]

A larger container is necessary

I woke up to the sound of a garbage truck lifting cans, one after the other, plastic scraping concrete and gears grinding and diesel burning and turning into acrid smoke. The truck drove up with today and away with yesterday.

A few sentences from Sundown

I saw Sundown as she was and as she would always be in my memories, fragile and lonely and in need of a friend, someone to trust, a young woman with dreams and hopes without clarity. All of the time I spent with her went by too fast and yet my last memory of her […]

Fall, a little late

Hemingway wrote about the leaves changing in fall like they were soldiers dying on a battlefield. I see the leaves changing colors and falling off the tree as an opportunity to enjoy the twilight of the leaf’s life. It turns red or yellow or brown and then brown and then falls off the tree. The […]

shuffled and random

I went to my first day at a new school and sat in the class with all of the other children. We were all there for the same reason. We had to be there and we had to learn. There were twenty or so desks lined up in rows facing the blackboard and the teacher’s […]

Developing a writing habit

The thing about being a writer is that my ideas and my words are my currency. If I don’t capture them in something I lose them. And I have too many lost story ideas, too many lost quotes, too many lost opportunities. So the habit of writing is just a matter of overcoming that loss.

Les silences gênés

We had coffee at Panera and she was late and I didn’t want to do it but my parents had set it up. She walked in, twenty years old, with blonde hair and a horse face and an overbite. I thought she looked like she was from Iowa, if that’s what people from Iowa looked […]